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Your vacancies

Do you need assistance in filling your vacancies? Contact Inventheon.

Temporary positions can be filled on secondment basis with a professional from Inventheon. For fixed functions, we can assist you in recruiting suitable candidates to fill the function temporarily until a permanent employee is found.
Do you have a vacancy? Contact Inventheon to discuss how we can fill this vacancy.

Our commitment

Inventheon delivers a no nonsense and professional service. We have a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff. Communication, personal attention and cooperation are essential for us. In addition, we have the necessary expertise on tax and social security issues in order to recruit anywhere.

Inventheon is not the largest in the market, but we distinguish ourselves through customization and close consultation with our client. We try to perform at our best, but we prefer to say 'no' when we can not deliver and be clear about that instead of keeping you waiting and  disappointing our clients.

Inventheon has close links with stakeholders in the Dutch offshore industry and the Dutch shipbuilding.